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Health & Wellness: $350k per month to $1m+ per month in 12 months

8.51x ROAS achieved for our Health & Wellness client. This company lost money with four agencies prior to working with us. They were already generating sales through Youtube and Google ads, but were barely breaking even on Facebook. They had a great brand presence with quality products, but no strategy for generating sales on Facebook. Now, they have effective messaging and consistently see high conversion rates. They receive emails weekly from investors and privates that want to buy their company!

Swimwear: $50k per month to $130k per month in 3 months

11.37x ROAS achieved for our women swimwear client in September 2020. Before working with us, they were only able to generate a 4x ROAS on the high end. After working with us, they were able to rebuild their entire funnel and implement messaging that lowered costs dramatically. Their budget is now properly allocated to reaching cold audiences and consistently filling their pipeline with new customers.

Jewelry: $200k per month to $1m per month in 12 months

7.85x ROAS achieved for our women jewelry brand client. They are a successful female founded startup with a team of about 100 amazing employees, and a great brand. Before working with us, they wasted money on unethical agencies that charged huge fees with no or very poor results. Since working with us, they've managed to generate more profits than ever before with facebook advertising - consistently generating 7-8x ROAS every month. They have been able to raise $17m in capital to further expand the company and spread their message!

Organic Food Brand: $150k per month to $500k per month in 4 months

9.10x ROAS achieved for our client, an organic food company whose unique selling point is vegan subscription boxes. Before implementing our scientific approach, they generated majority of sales though influencer marketing and organic reach but, they wanted to scale faster than ever. They service markets world-wide, meaning they need an in-depth marketing strategy that converts customers in all corners of the world. Unfortunately their last marketing agency used an over-generalized and unoptimized approach, resulting in poor ROAS. We crafted them powerful niche specific ad copy, landing pages optimization and overall Facebook advertising strategy. Now they are getting consistently 8x to 9x ROAS each month.

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